Tips For Losing Weight Fast, And What You’re Not Being Told!

That ingredient is Sugar.

There are several different sugars, to be fair, so it is important to know that not all sugars are bad for us. Sucrose and Lactose are fine, but Fructose is not. It has now been medically proven that Fructose is responsible for deaths and disabilities world wide as it is the major cause of Cancer, Obesity, Heart Disease, and Diabetes Type 2.

What is also known is that Fructose is in just about every food we eat in today’s busy society, thus the reason Obesity, Heart disease, Cancer and Type 2 Diabetes have all increased dramatically in the last fifty years.

What is also known that Fructose acts as a poison in our systems, and as well as our bodies not being able to metabolize Fructose, it is turned directly into fat. As mentioned earlier, almost all diets don’t pay enough attention to Fructose which has now been proven to hinder our progress in losing weight fast. Does this sound familiar?

Once a better understanding where Fructose is found, so we can avoid these foods, it becomes a lot easier for us to start losing weight fast.

Myself, my wife and our extended family have all benefited from this method and between us experienced similar results of around 20 odd pounds each lost within the first two months. We have all experienced that feeling of losing weight fast and best of all, we are keeping it off!

I started eating less sugar around 6 months ago, and so far, with very little exercise involved, I have lost over 14 kilograms (almost 30 pounds) in that time. Apart from starting to feel better, losing weight fast was a great motivating factor which kept me focused on eating the right things.

Staying motivated can be tough particularly if we don’t see or feel results quickly. I have never experienced results like this before, or as quickly, and that really did help me stay on track.

Apart from reducing sugar, is there anything else required?

Not quite, but you might be pleasantly surprised. One really amazing thing about reducing your sugar intake (for losing weight fast at least) is that exercise is not necessary at all. That’s a fact! You do not need to exercise to lose weight fast if you do two things:

• Reduce your sugar intake to less than 10 grams (four teaspoons) a day and,

• Keep track of your calories on a daily basis.

There are some great free calorie counters which calculate what your daily calorie intake should be based on how much weight you hope to lose.

The health benefits of giving up sugar are enormous, and losing weight fast is a very nice bonus for us.

If you are keen to lose some weight, you will no doubt want to lose weight fast (everyone does) this method makes the motivation part of losing weight easy, as weight is lost in the first two to three weeks.

Get through the first four weeks and you will never look back.

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